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Malware Detection Through Intelligence

With the exponentially increasing attacks on both enterprise and community networks, Malware Detection is a growing problem, especially on mobile platforms. Since the official app-stores have millions of mobile apps, it is almost impossible to examine each of them manually for malicious behavior. Traditional approaches to malware detection are based on manual methods such as examining the behavior and/or decompiled code of malware programs in order to design malware signatures by hand. However, these methods are not scalable to a large number of applications and a new malware can be designed to evade existing signatures. For that reason, recently there have been so many works on automatic malware detection using Machine Learning techniques.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one the newest fields in science and engineering. Therefore a student in chemistry, physics or biology may feel that all the good ideas have already been taken by Galileo, Einstein or other famous scholars. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is very open to new Einsteins and Galileos.

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