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What is Symfony?

Symfony is set of PHP libraries. There are about 30 libraries that makes up the Symfony Framework and you can use each of these libraries individually in your non-Symfony projects as well.

Let’s Setup First Project

In order to work with Symfony without Composer, first you need to install the Symfony installer. Copy and paste the following command into your terminal.

sudo curl -LsS https://symfony.com/installer -o /usr/local/bin/symfony

Copy and paste the following command to adjust some permissions.

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/symfony

Right now if you type “symfony” command in your terminal, you will see bunch of options that comes with Symfony installer.

Let’s create our very first project.

symfony new <project_name>

After exucitng the last command the installer will download the project.

Now run the following command to run the builtin web server.

php bin/console server:run

Start your browser and type


Now if you configured everything correctly you should see the welcome page.