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Note: In January 2017, the patches were built-in to the programming exercise scripts, and the patch files are not longer needed, and they are no longer available.

Since Octave 4.2.1 is now being distributed, there is no reason to maintain support for Octave 4.0.0. It is several years obsolete. Students should at the very least install Octave 4.0.1 or newer.

If you are using the latest octave 4.0.0, you will most likely face with an error when you submit your homework. The error probably will look like this;

Submission failed: unexpected error: urlread: HTTP response code said error

The solution is very easy you don’t need to worry about it. Click this link and download the patch.

Extract the contents of the patch. The folder structure is like ML_Octave_400_patch -> lib.

Copy the files under ML_Octave_400_patch -> lib, and paste them into machine-learning-ex1 -> ex1 -> lib.

Make sure you only override the makeValidFieldName.m, xxNumToHexStr.m and jsonlab -> loadjson.m.

Rest of the files will stay as they were downloaded. Now type exit in terminal and exit octave. Log back into octave and try to submit your work. If you didn’t miss any parts the solution should work very well.