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Writing programs or (known as programming) is a very rewarding and fun way of writing a poetry. Nope maybe not writing a poetry but a fun and rewarding activity. 🙂

There are many reasonsĀ for writing programs. You can make your living or you can solve a difficult data analysis problem just to have fun or even after learning enough you can help others to solve difficult problems. Actually, we are pretty much surrounded by computers in our daily lives. Most of us using laptops, desktops or cellphones every day. We can think of those devices as personal assistants because they can take care of many things for us with just a few clicks.

There are operating systems and set of applications that turns hardwares into a Personal Digital Assistant. These operating systems and applications are added to hardware by programmers.

The only thing that we need to do is knowing how to talk with those assistants. We need to know what language they are speaking. After learning how to talk with these devices we could tell a computer to do tasks on our behalf.